Hello! I’m Mary

Marketer. Entrepreneur. Business coach. On a mission to help female entrepreneurs turn their product idea into a profitable business.

It's exciting when you have an idea. You feel motivated, inspired, and spend day and night researching it. It's all you can think about, and you're so ready to turn it into a business. Imagine waking up and being your own boss, having the freedom to work on what you're passionate about.

At the same time, it can be overwhelming. You might be feeling fear, self-doubt, uncertainty on where to start, or you might feel you lack resources and support.

First, it's okay if you're experiencing any or all of these feelings! You're about to take the leap in starting a business. Everything you're experiencing is normal. But, don't let fear stop you. It shouldn't be the factor that causes you to bury your idea and always wonder, "what if?"

If you've ever dreamed about turning your product idea into a successful business, then you've come to the right place. You have the idea, and I have the road map. Together, let's turn your product idea into a profitable business so you can live the purposeful life you want.

How I Can Help

Product Innovation

We'll work together to develop a strategic roadmap from product idea through to launch, with clear and actionable steps on how to validate, position, develop, brand, and package your product idea

Branding & Messaging

I'll help you understand how you can create a memorable brand and develop persuasive messaging that will resonate with your consumers


Ready for e-commerce? We'll create a business plan and I'll guide you through how to launch and grow your product on Amazon


I am so happy that I met Mary Liu. Her honest warm nature made me feel so comfortable when presenting my business idea. She went over my plan with me, and asked great questions. Her feedback was sincere, and very helpful. I left feeling very confident about moving forward. She helped me work through some of the phrasing of my business plan, and gave me great advice on how to set realistic goals for myself. I like that her coaching style involves asking questions. It shows that she cares about what you think and feel, and isn't just showing you some magic formula to succeed. I would highly recommend Mary Liu to others.

Mary Liu is a great coach in the area of marketing, product idea to launch. Mary guided me to think of areas that I wouldn't have if not for her. She brings in some valuable experience having worked with reputable brands in the US and managing her own e-commerce business. So she actually walks the talk and coaches you from her own experience. Mary builds rapport with her clients very well. Within minutes of conversing, you feel you have known each other for a while. Mary takes personal interest to help you in your brand development. I would personally recommend Mary Liu as a coach for anyone who has a business idea and wants guidance to make that a reality.

My time spent with Mary was incredibly valuable in helping us position our product and company in a more succinct way to appeal to our target customers.

Talking through my business idea with Mary was an invaluable part of the road to bringing my idea to life. She re-lit that spark in me to stop thinking about the same worries over and over again in my head and just start taking action. A thoughtful listener, she took the time to understand my unique situation and provided insights and advice based on her own experiences bringing products to market. Definitely a great coach to have by my side!

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