How You Can Find the Time to Start a Business While Having a Full-time Job

There’s always so much to do in a day, and sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time to get through everything and work on that new idea. Believing that I didn’t have enough time to do something used to stop me from even getting started, but I’ve realized that this should never be an excuse.

Last year, I decided to start a side business that launched in 6 months. I still had my full-time job, and so I learned how to manage my time more efficiently in order to balance both. Recently, I wrote a guest post on She Owns It, a blog supporting women entrepreneurs, where I share the tips that helped me find the time to launch a side business while having a full-time job.

Here is the blog post, and I hope it helps you know that you do have the time to take action on that idea or project you keep thinking about. Trust me, you’ll find it.

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